So you’re learning to code, but there are so many choices as to where you are actually writing that code. To the beginner, this topic may sound intimidating, so let’s start by looking at the entire landscape of code editors.

What are the possibilities here?

While others may disagree with this classification, here are four places that you might write code in order of least to most features.

  1. OS-based text editor (Microsoft has Notepad, Mac has TextEdit)
  2. Terminal based text editor (Vim, Emacs, Nano)
  3. Code Editors (Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text)
  4. Integrated Development Environments, or “IDEs” (Visual Studio, PyCharm, Eclipse, NetBeans)

While you may not recognize all of these, they all do the same fundamental thing, which is to allow the developer to write code. …


Zach Gollwitzer

I write software tutorials and golf software

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